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03/25/23 07:26 PM #30    

Connie Olson (Biggs)

Greetings from Tucson Arizona.
Connie Olson Biggs
I am happy to report to all of you that I am still 3 years cancer
free. So very grateful that I can continue to lead Bible studies.
Spring is my favorite season. Our desert is going to be especially gorgeous with all the rain this year. Blessings to all.

07/21/23 06:34 AM #31    


Margie (Larry) Morris (Caswell)

Dear Class of 1964,

Iin 2024 it will be sixty (60!!) years since we graduated from Fairview HS in 1964.  Is there a group in the Denver - Boulder area that are willing to gather to plan a reunion in 2024.  I notice we have lost 14 classmates since our last reunion. It needn't be elaborate. Just finding a place to gather for dinner would be enough.  Yet, the reservation needs to be made now.  

Please respond to this if you are willing to be on a reunion committee.  Those in the Boulder area might have a connection with a country club or restaurant where we could gather.

 Pam Sheets Akison and I continue to keep up this class website at  You can help by logging into your profile and making sure your information is up-to-date.  If you need help, just ask.  We can help facilitate communication once the committee plans a reunion date.

Margie Morris Caswell, Class Website Administrator along with Pam Sheets Akison, our webmaster expert

07/21/23 02:55 PM #32    


Walter Oney

It's been a while since I said anything here, so here goes...

I practiced consumer bankruptcy law for a few years, and I retired from that when I turned 70 in 2016. I've built a large HO-gauge model railroad on the middle floor of my barn (which I had to build over a 12-foot gap). I've been circuit hacking for a couple of years in aid of the layout.

I've been playing oboe and English Horn going on 25+ years now. Some of you might remember I played baritone at FHS. I got inspired to learn clarinet and saxophone when I played just half of the reed-3 part in a Chorus Line pit 3 years ago. I thought flute might be cool too. Then the pandemic hit, and I took virtual lessons for two years before I ever saw my flute teacher in person.

Then I decided to learn how to use a wood lathe about six months ago. My workpiece flew out and hit my lower lip, causing a severe injury. The scar tissue persists and makes it impossible to form a flute embouchure. I also had all my lower teeth removed due to rampant decay. (Remember to floss!) I'm still recovering from both, and I can't play any of my wind instruments -- except for the Irish whistle flute that I picked up while on vacation in Ireland last month. So I'm reinventing myself as a percussionist; happily, my oboe teacher's partner is a professional percussionist and an inspired teacher.

I ALSO keep my hand in computers by maintaining a large (750K lines) C++ application for creating and filing bankruptcy petitions. After some 15 years, I'm finally porting it to 64-bit Windows.

I wish I had bought the extended warranty on my body when it was offered!

Walt Oney
Fitchburg, MA

07/21/23 03:21 PM #33    


Robert McDonald (McDonald)

This is Bob McDonald and I would be willing to help with the 60 year reunion. My contact info is: cell, 303-961-7649, email is   

I live in  Broomfield Colorado. 

Thanks Bob

07/22/23 12:34 PM #34    


Sheila Streuer (Carver)

I don't know where I'm responding but I'd be willing to help with the 60, scary number.  I'm not a good organizer but I'm a good worker, sorta. I can be reached at Oh ya this is Sheila Streuer (Carver). 

08/06/23 06:18 AM #35    


Beth Harvat

Great idea to have a reunion, Margie.  I probably won't make it from the east coast, but I wanted everyone to know that I have a collection of the Royal Banner newspaper - issues from Oct 1960 to May 1964.  We are downsizing and these are on the way out the door, unless someone would like to have them or there is an archive I can send them to.  Happy to mail them to someone from our class.  Just contact me at  They are quite a trip down memory lane.

08/09/23 06:21 AM #36    


Margie (Larry) Morris (Caswell)

Lee Whitney, Pam Sheets Akison, Margie Morris Caswell and Larry Caswell meet in Ridgway, CO for supper.

All are class of 1964 from Fairview and Larry from Fort Collins HS.  Pam and Margie are the administrators of this Website.

08/10/23 02:26 PM #37    

Ruth Drake (McKee)

Looks like a fun little gathering in Ridgeway!  I'm sure you were talking FHS64 website business, right? 

A 60th reunion informal gathering sounds good!  Wow, that 14 classmates have passed away since the 50th! Good together while we can! God is good! 

Ruth Drake McKee

08/20/23 07:28 PM #38    


Margie (Larry) Morris (Caswell)

I just realized the email that was sent to you, cannot be replied too.  Sorry!  Here it is again.

Dear Fairview Class of 1964,

Can you believe that it will be 60 years since our HS graduation in 1964? Plans for our 60th HS reunion are just beginning. Yes, we have made it this far!  89 attended our dinner at Koenig on the CU campus in 2014. We hope for a big turnout again to renew friendships. A big thank you to classmate Mike Fitzgerald who is in contact with the Boulder Country Club about a possible reunion dinner on August 17, 2024. Several siblings have enjoyed their 50th reunions there. More to come.  Questions for you:

1. Are you interested in attending a 60th HS Reunion August 17, 2024?  

2. What would you like to have happen at a 60th reunion?

3. Would you be willing to help with the planning of the reunion?  What talent or skill could you share? 4 others have offered to help already.

Pam Akison Sheets (webmaster) and Margie Morris Caswell are the administrators of this website and will halp communicate all that is going on and needed.  

We look forward to hearing from you, Knights of 1964.  You can reply on this message forum or email Margie at

Margie Morris Caswell 

08/27/23 07:07 PM #39    


Margie (Larry) Morris (Caswell)


Mike Fitzgerald has worked with many emails and phone calls to make our 60th Reunion hopefully happen at the Boulder Country Club on August 17, 2024.  We need you to say you will come, so he can do the final securing of that date.  We would like at least 40 - 50 of you to say you will come.  Please respond on this Message Forum.  More information will come.

Thank you, Margie for Mike Fitzgerald

08/28/23 08:20 AM #40    

Jennifer Tracy (Bailey)


I'll be there.  Mike, thank you for organizing.


Jennifer Tracy Bailey


08/28/23 10:28 AM #41    

Dwight Lennon (Lennon)

I will be there

08/28/23 10:28 AM #42    


Robert McDonald (McDonald)

Thanks, for organizing this reunion. I will be there with my wife Lynn.

Bob McDonald

08/28/23 11:38 AM #43    


David Oldfather

I loved the 50th reuntion, especially the nature walk and the picinc.

Unfortunately, becuase we are now cat custodians and they would not do well being taken to a kennel Lynn and  I will not be atttending. Also I've had heath issues inc;luding congestive heart failure and high blood pressure. Both are beter now but I'm still limited in what I can do. I also have COPD.


I hope the reunion is excellent for everyone who attends!

08/28/23 04:25 PM #44    

Margo Kube (Moran)


Margo Kube Moran

I will be there.  Thank you Mike for organizing the 60th.

Margo Kube Moran

08/29/23 01:36 PM #45    

Danny Merriman

Thanks to everyone who got the ball rolling for the 60th reunion. Janie (Newman) and I will definitely plan to attend. We will be back in Boulder in the summer and would love to help in anyway we can.

08/30/23 04:05 PM #46    

Karl Miles

I would like to attend.  I would like to have an event at one of the hotels that can become a base for the people that live out of town. Last time the Harvest House worked well, but there are others down by the mall.  Maybe the planners could get a rate for the group.

08/30/23 04:48 PM #47    

Ruth Drake (McKee)

Thank you to all who have been working to make this 60th (!!) reunion happen next year!  Special thanks to Margie Morris Caswell, Pam Akison Sheets , and Mike Fitzgerad! for key roles.

Lord willing, Walt and I plan to attend the dinner at Boulder Country Club on Tues. Sept. 17, 2024.  

Ruth Drake McKee

08/30/23 07:05 PM #48    

Dick Bailey

Dick Bailey and wife Karin will be there on August 17, 2024. Thanks to all the organizers. 

08/31/23 02:09 PM #49    


Walter Oney

Marty and I will try to attend, hoping to win the prize for longest trip to the reunion.

For me, the main purpose of the event is to talk with old classmates, so I hope we won't have loud music. I too would hope that there's a block of rooms in the same hotel as the event(s).

Thanks again, committee, for organizing this.

08/31/23 03:59 PM #50    


Margie (Larry) Morris (Caswell)

Thank you, thank you, Knights 1964, for showing an interest in having a reunion August 17, 2024.  Your interest makes it possible for Mike Fitzgerald to gauge the numbers before he puts down a deposit (which he generously has agreed to do ahead of us asking you to submit any payments). Thus, keep up these comments on the Message Forum showing your desire to attend.

Kathy Heron Crebar asked about where on the website to sign up. We will eventually get out an email with information on date (August 17, 2024), cost, location (Boulder Country Club), and a hotel for out-of-town classmates.

Let us know again if you are willing to help in any way in the planning and what you want to see happen.  So far we have heard no loud music, so visiting is possible, and a hotel for out-of-towners to base out of.  We will get back to the classmates who have volunteered to help.

More to come,

Margie Morris Caswell and Mike Fitzgerald

09/02/23 08:08 AM #51    


Dennis Murahata

Joan & I would be happy to join the 60th class reunion nextyear.  It will be good to see everyone.  Thx for setting it up.




Joan & Dennis Murahata

09/13/23 04:52 PM #52    


Margie (Larry) Morris (Caswell)

Dear Fairview Class of 1964,

Our 60th HS reunion is officially set with contract signed, downpayment made, and bank account set up:

Our 60th Class Reunion will be Saturday, August 17, 2024, at the Boulder Country Club in the Gunbarrel area at 7350 Clubhouse Rd.  The cost for our 50th was $60 - $70 / per person depending upon when you paid.  We hope to keep the price similar.  More details will follow, but please put this date on your calendar now.

Mike Fitzgerald and Margie Morris Caswell

09/14/23 11:17 AM #53    

Tom Ronning

We are still hanging in there - after 16 years of retirement. Gro and I would love to attend the reunion next year in Boulder.
When you get 79 years old, heath issues may occur, but so far so good
Will be great to see you all.

02/24/24 12:56 PM #54    

Harold Frank

I am watching the reunion plans with great interest, but cannot commit to much at this time. Happily, most of my family are near me here in Boulder, but probably not for long as plans evolve. Will stay in touch.


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