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08/17/14 11:57 AM #1    

Pamela Sheets (Akison)

Welcome to the Fairview High School Class of 1964 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

09/06/14 08:46 AM #2    


Bill Coleman

Hello, to all you beautifully aging Knights!  Sure wish I could have made it to Boulder for the reunion, and thanks to everyone who helped put it together!  The website is great fun and a powerful way to reconnect.  It sure doesn't feel like 50 years ago!  More like yesterday....My best to everyone!  Bill

09/10/14 07:02 PM #3    


David Oldfather

Great to see your picture and your post, Biill! I'm sorry you couldn't come.

04/04/20 03:03 PM #4    


Ann McCoy

Pray for NY.  NYC is frightening...they have two refigerator trucks for corpses behind the hospital three blocks from me.

Ann  McCoy



04/04/20 09:04 PM #5    


Margie (Larry) Morris (Caswell)

Message from Sheila Steuer Carver sent to Margie Morris:

Frank, me, Betty Boop and Pyewacket are all doing fine and healthy. My bff lives across the street and between her and Frank they’re making sure I don’t go anyplace. They both agree that because of my cancer and asthma that it’s probably just as well I stay close to home. Guess they’re right and thank God I have them. Getting anxious for spring and getting busy with my roses. I have about 25 or so in the backyard and 3 in the front so my work is cut out for me. Not really work cause one of my happiest places is in my garden. Me and mine send our prayers with you and hope this note finds you and yours happy and healthy. God Bless to you all  Sheila (Streuer) Carver


04/04/20 09:06 PM #6    


Margie (Larry) Morris (Caswell)

Message from Rae and Bob Rives:

Margie, doing well here in Gilbert, AZ but anxious to get to our summer place in G Junction...before the 100’s hitšŸ„µWanted to tell you Bob & I really enjoy birding in Catalina S Park! So glad you’re there & staying safešŸ˜Ž

Rae & Bob Rives

04/04/20 09:20 PM #7    


Margie (Larry) Morris (Caswell)

Message from Connie Olson:

You will remember me as Connie Olson.

I live in Tucson.  Verne and I moved here 2002 from San Diego.  We traveled with our motorhome for quite a long time. 

This Corona virus seemed to coincide with my breast cancer surgery on March 26th.  But I am very blessed in that I had Ductal cell carcinoma in situ.

Which means it was contained in the ducts.  The mastectomy removed the cancer.  I did have 2 lymph nodes removed but they had no cancer.  

So now I just need to recover from the surgery  !  

I am a busy lady so this sitting stuff is not my cup of tea. 


I was in contact with Sandra (Singer) Lawrence until her passing of esophageal cancer. 


Feel free to call me at any time.

520-906-4856. Perhaps when this Corona virus is over we can get together.  

Perhaps you are here just for winter as many do. We bought a home here as our children also left San Diego.  My love for the mountains has never left me. 


04/05/20 05:04 AM #8    

Tom Ronning

Greetings from a closed down county.

March 12 th our county closed down. The day before we went sking up in the mountains - not having a clue of what was coming. Now, restaurants, bars schools, kindergartens, universities, hairdressers etc. and a lot of different shops are closed down. One of our neighbors is hospitalizied  for Covid 19 - using a ventilator, but so far the medical system is coping with the disease. We go for walks every day, but we are not allowed  to meet with more than 5 people at the same time. ( Except families living together)

We are following the situation in the US on TV and in the newspapers . Terrible situation in New York.Hope you all are well. 


04/05/20 12:33 PM #9    


Dominick Rose (Rose)

Greetings from Oregon. A little Peace for your Sunday!

The Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival Woodburn Oregon. 



04/05/20 02:37 PM #10    

Dian Easton (Bredvik)

Margie and Pam, thank you for this great idea, to communicate with everyone via the class website! Good to hear from those of you who have responded. Anne, we are definitely praying for New York, and especially YOU. Please stay safe and covered in our prayers.

Life in the high country: we are isolated, but don't mind being by ourselves. We have enough food and supplies. We're enjoying signs of spring--wild flowers, birds returning from the south, and an end to the muddy driveway! I am catching up on tasks that have remained on the back burner for years! We think we had our last snow two days ago.

My father died three weeks ago at Boulder Memorial Hospital at the age of almost 93. I am really missing him; he was my hero, my friend, my hiking buddy, you name it! He stayed active and relatively healthy until three days before he passed on.

Best wishes to everyone, and God bless you all--Dian

04/05/20 05:30 PM #11    

Beth Harvat

Doing fine here in North Carolina so far.  We have been in lock down mode for at least 3 weeks.  My My garden is getting a lot of loving care!

05/20/20 10:52 AM #12    


Bill Hutson

To everyone in general. But especially to Susie, Vicky & Mary. Sad news, Blue Parrot has closed, for good. Family just wasn't up to running it any more. NO MORE LINK SAUSAGES crying

Billl Hutson

08/03/20 11:00 AM #13    


Margie (Larry) Morris (Caswell)

Bill, I remember being able to buy Blue Parrot Spaghetti Sauce in the grocery store.  Have they stopped making that also.  It was so delicious. Margie Morris Caswell


04/04/21 01:21 PM #14    


David Oldfather

I hope everyone who reads this had or is having a very blessed Easter (depending on when you read this). We had our first family gathering since COVID hit yesterday after too many months of not seeing some people at all and seeing others only briefly and it was wonderful to be with everyone.
I hope everyone is doing well. I had a few weeks with alarmingly high blood pressure but it is much more normal now. I see a cardiologist on April l5 because a recent EOG showed stress in my left ventricle. I'm praying it was an infection or inflammation of some kind and will be a simple fix not requiring new medicine(s).

04/11/21 08:01 AM #15    


Margie (Larry) Morris (Caswell)

Dear Knights,

It has been a year since the seriousness of the Corona Virus became evident and now new variants are spreading. Thank you to several who sent replies.  Loved Beth's photos of her garden.  How is everyone doing?   Please respond to this message forum.  

We had a crazy 2020 as I am sure many of you had.  We started out buying in January a small winter home in Sun City Oro Valley, north of Tucson.  We spent a lot of time planting low water use cacti, succulents, shrubs, and flowers to go along with the large trees and shrubs already in the yard.  See the photo above for one area I planted. Then back at home in Red Feather Lakes, August brought to Larimer County the largest fire in Colorado history.  We were evacuated twice for a total of nearly a month.  Luckily, an empty townhome in Fort Collins was offered to us.  Our home survived, but over 200,000 acres burned and many homes were lost.  Groups will be busy raising funds and repairing the trails in Rocky Mountain National Park and Roosevelt National Forest. This was just one of several fires in CO, one in Boulder County. Many of you may have been in the path of the many fires in the West.  I know Leigh Ann Wailes Smith and Jess were near (but out of)  the edge of the big fire west of Laramie, WY.  Much of the SW is in an extreme or exceptional drought that means this may be another bad fire season.

We are so grateful the Biden Administration has understood the seriousness of the Corona Virus and preventative measures. We have our 2 Pfizer vaccine doses and hope you each have been able to locate vaccines as well.

Margie Morris Caswell

04/12/21 02:58 PM #16    


David Oldfather


Lynn, Mary Helen aind I all had our second Pfizer dose on March 17.

My blood presssure has been going too high, often on Sunday mornngs. I hope to get some solutions when I see my new (first visit on Thursday) cardilogist. It was horrid yesterday morning but better by evening and even better this mornng.

It is sad to think about all those homes burned and trees, etc. lost in Colorado....California, also.


04/12/21 07:12 PM #17    

Dwight Lennon (Lennon)

Hi all.

Just letting you know, I think the garden is beautiful

I've had both shots with no side effects whatsoever not even a sore arm. I am thankful for that.

Living in Loveland, CO, I  witnessed the fires 1st hand. Ash falling on my car for weeks, seeing an orange sky and sometimes some darknes. Very erie.We could see the fires lighting up the night sky. Had to cut back on my 3-5 miles per day walking.

I lived in the hills (they call them mountains} of Los Gatos, CA for 25 years andexperienced some wildfire issues. Didn't have to evacuate, but came close.

I sincerely hope everyone is doing ok in spite of the messes we are having to endure.

Stay safe, stay well

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