In Memory

Bobbi Clark (Simms)

Bobbi Clark (Simms)

Roberta Clark Simms (Bobbie) was born and grew up in Boulder, Colorado. She was the third of seven children born to Margaret and Larry Clark. Every member of the Clark family was musically gifted. They all sang and played an assortment of instruments. Bobbie had a lovely soprano voice and played flute and piano. As soon as music programs were available in Boulder schools, Bobbie made a place for herself: marching band, pep band, and choir. Along with all the academic classes they gave her a very full childhood. She met her husband, Tom Simms, another music lover, and they opened the music store on Pearl Street where young and old Boulderites took music lessons and bought or rented musical instruments. Tom and Bobbie shared another great love: golf. They moved to a home on the golf course where they played several times each week. During these years Bobbie and Tom were joined by their niece, Davine. They encouraged Davine (now Dee) to broaden her interests by hosting several international students and by traveling themselves to other parts of the world.

At some point, Bobbie and Tom tired of Boulder’s cold winters, so they moved to Florida. Tom, in semi-retirement, became a handyman and contractor. Bobbie pursued a career as a CPA. Tom took a fall from a ladder on one of his jobs and later died as a result of his injuries. Bobbie stayed in Florida and eventually met her second love, Nelson. They traveled together, cooked together, rode his Harley together, and enjoyed a happy life together, and even as Nelson’s health began to fail, Bobbie was by his side to advocate on his behalf. When Nelson died, Bobbie just sort of gave up on so many of the things she had always done to make her happy.

For those of us who were her friends since the age of 10, Bobbie stopped being the engaging woman with a love of learning and an effervescent personality. Some people thought she could talk the hind legs off a dog, but those of us who knew her well knew this to be a wonderful part of her warmth and concern for others.

Sadly, Bobbie passed away alone in her apartment early this month of May 2020. Bobbie Clark Simms should be remembered for the wonderful woman she was, who cared for others and shared her life with two wonderful men.

Be at peace now, Bobbie.